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There are many aspects to a Relationship

There are many aspects to a Relationship.
Relationships do require two people, it is the Relationship that both persons draw from and it is the Relationship that needs maintaining.
With busy and demanding lifestyles we can often take our Relationships for granted and neglect to maintain them.
Relationships are a valuable support in life and are worth maintaining.


Struggling with our Thoughts

Our Thoughts

Struggling with our thoughts can become never ending. It can affect our relationships, our work our sleeping, our health.  The power of thinking doesn’t have to be a continual struggle for us.
Understanding our thinking behaviours and our habitual patterns of thinking is the first step in reducing that struggle and in making a change for our wellbeing.

Reduce that struggle—you deserve it.


Our Habitual Selves

We keep constant company with ourselves all day, every day and we operate from our understanding of ourselves, our values, our judgements, our expectations.
How many of these attributes do we trot over like faded carpet?
Maybe there is a part of you that is wanting to be heard. There all the time but covered in habitual ways of living, habitual ways of behaviour, of thinking, of feeling.
Give yourself the gift of unlearning these habitual ways, you deserve it.

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There are many aspects to a Relationship
Struggling with our Thoughts
Our Habitual Selves


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