Anxiety, Panic

Anxiety is a natural response to life’s challenges. However, anxiety that is persistent, is fearful or which seems to come for no obvious reason can cause great difficulties in our lives.
Panic too, can appear for no obvious reason and can completely overwhelm us. It seems to attack us, as our heart beats faster and our bodies experience overwhelming feelings.
With Counselling we can identify the triggers that cause anxiety and panic.

Stress, Anger

Stress and Anger are often closely related. Stress can quietly build up over time, and can affect our eating and our sleeping. Stress left unchecked can affect our physical health.
Anger is often the breaking point that tries to express our frustrations and feelings of isolation. This anger is often directed at those closest to us.
Understanding our stress and anger is the first step in alleviating them.

Depression, Low Self Esteem

Depression can affect us all, at various stages in our life. Not understanding this overwhelming feeling can stop us from seeking help. I work closely with Clients in seeking understanding of their depression.
Low Self Esteem is based on a negative idea of ourselves. It creates a lack of belief in our potential. This belief can often be established earlier in life and carried with us. Counselling can expose these negative beliefs so that we don’t have to believe them anymore.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy looks at our patterns of thinking and our patterns of behaviour. Our understanding of who we are, and our past experiences all effect how we live our lives. Sometimes these patterns of thinking and patterns of behaviour restrict us. They can ‘hold us back’, and we might feel ‘stuck’ and unable to move forward. CBT challenges these patterns in a supportive and non-judgemental environment. With insight and understanding we can change these restrictive patterns.

Grief, Loss, Bereavement

Experiencing loss is a very difficult and painful time in our lives. Grief is the process of that experience of bereavement and loss. It is a very personal time for us and counselling can support us through this process.

Relationships, Couples

Relationships are an important part of our lives. It is not necessary that we should suffer within our relationships. Often our own needs can get lost or forgotten. Couples Counselling allows these needs to be heard and understood. See: